Diy Nails Art Tutorials

How much money do you spend every month on your nails art. Don’t waist your money, start with saving today. Have beautiful nails every day with this amazing diy nails art tutorials…   Elegant nails created with strips, see image…     Lovely butterfly, easier to make then you think. […] Read More

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Your kids can’t wait big Halloween party and collecting tasty candies!? All you need to do is to buy or create cute little Halloween costumes for them. Here are some ideas for Halloween night: Cute little…ok not so little…but is cute muffin šŸ™‚       Little farmer? Just dress […] Read More

Cheap Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween night is so close, are you ready? Are you planning a big scary party for your friends? Instead of just a candies this year surprise your friends with unique food decorations. Check some of my favorite food ideas for this Halloween šŸ˜‰   A Halloween classic, serve chocolate pudding […] Read More

DIY Animal Panel Kids Game

Finally I get some free time to make something for my son. He loves animals and loves learning games, so I get idea to put 2 in 1 šŸ™‚ Point of the game is that your kid learn where each animal live. For example your kids will learn that shark […] Read More

Christmas Flower Ornament

Here is simple tutorial how to create Christmas flower ornament from toilet paper roll.       You will need one empty toilet paper roll,scissors an d glue.If you want advanced flower-to be more attractive you will need hot glue gun and few pearls or ribbons or whatever you can […] Read More

DIY Paper Butterflies

Beautiful wall detail can be homemade paper butterflies that you can create from paper.     Here is what you will need: * Paper-in color that is your favorite * Pencil * Scissors * Sticky tape   First you will need to draw you butterflies on the paper.You can draw […] Read More

Different ways of using plastic cups

After these great ideas you will not throw in garbage anymore your plastic cups after party šŸ™‚   Plastic cup snowman     Cup ball lamp     Plastic wreath   Christmas ornaments from plastic cups     Plastic cup flowers          

Best diy toys for babies

It’s known that babies love to explore everything.They love playful colors, sounds etc. They love dad’s keys and mum’s cooking equipment šŸ™‚ …toys that we usually wouldn’t give them to play with…we are used to the factory made toys. I present you some of the diy toys for babies that […] Read More

DIY Candle Holder of Can

What you need: 1. Empty clean can 2. Paint (I used nail polish, white background) 3. Napkin ( I used napkin with cherries print) 4. Scissors to cut napkin design 5. Wood or other decoupage glue + brush 6. Transparent lac The Process: Paint your can in any color that […] Read More