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Dongguan Angreen New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

established on Nov 22, 2011, is a high polymer modified plastic manufacturer specializing in LSZH, flame retardant and wire and cable materials with high performance.

The company is composed of Dongguan Angreen, Hefei Angreen and Suzhou Office. Main product include LSZH, XLPE, TPU, TPE, conductive TPE, silicone rubber materials, etc. The products are widely used in optical cable sheath and tight packing, wind energy, EV cable, consumer electronics, railway rolling stock cable, construction, home wiring, electric power, mining and other fields.

Application Fields
Optical Fiber cable
Automotive cable
Industrial cable
Railway rolling stock cable
Medical Cleaning Filtration
Cooperative Partner
Linkman:Mr wu(18928266766)
Angreen Industrial Park, No. 2, Hongshun Road,
Lianxing Industrial Park, Xiajie Village, Qishi Town,
Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
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