How to decorate eggs for Easter

You already know that Easter is coming, and I hope that you are excited as I am.  Easter is the most joyful Christian holiday beceause for Easter the whole family is gathered together so that they could celebrate and enjoy their common time. Every holiday has his own tradition and customs, and we all know that painted eggs are most exciting and interesting part of the Easter preparation. Red, blue, orange, pink, with samples or without it,   I suppose that you are alreaday thinking how to creatively decorate eggs.  I know I do So, I will show you few examples how to paint it and have a lots of fun at the same time.

First way it’s very traditional but also most healthiest and organic way to color your eggs, and to me is realy most beautiful.

All you will need same old pantyhose,thread, flowers, onion bulb and some dish tanked with water.

For the beginning you must cut pantyhose on the smaller pieces but big enough that you can put the eggs into them.

Affter that you have to dip the egg into the dish to soak it, then  you have to lean you flower sample on the egg. You can use just about everything that you got in your own garden; shamrock, daisy, dandelion and different types of grass. Or anything you think it will look good on your ester egg.

Than you just wrap the egg in pantyhose and tide it up with thread.

When you are finished with decorating eggs you must put the onion bulb on the bottom of the big pot, subsequently put the eggs in the pot too, and fill it with water.

Now, you have to wait about 20 minutes to eggs to boil.  Then you put them out, remove the pantyhose with scissors and the rest of the flowers with your hands. And you are done. This is the result.




How to decorate eggs for Easter 2


Wondwrrfull, isn’t it?

If you like the sample, but you want eggs in different color that is not a problem. You can use the same procedure with some another dye for eggs.


That is the traditional way, but if you are modern and you love colors and want to paint eggs more interesting I have a perfect solution for you.

You need rubben bands, differetne colors and vinagar.

First step is to you boli your eggs.

Then wrape each egg with rubben bands.

Next step is to fill bowl (you will need bowls as many colors you want to use) with hot water and one cup of vingar, than mix it a few drops of color by your choice.

Then you place each egg in a bowl for five minutes on one side and five minutes on another side.

If you want you can mix the colors that way your eggs will be more interesting.


How to decorate eggs for Easter




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