Easter Bunny Treat Jars!

Easter Bunny Treat Jars 1

These cute Easter bunny treat jars are a sweet way to deliver a little bit of springtime cheer to your loved ones. Fill them with candy or fresh flowers for a quick and easy gift idea that’s sure to please.

Start with clean glass mason jars and vinyl stickers. I cut these adorable bunny stickers. Apply the stickers to the smooth side of the jar, and press firmly on the edges to make sure they’re completely adhered to the glass. Apply a coat of Chalky Finish paint, allow to dry for 10 minutes, and then carefully peel up the vinyl stickers while the paint is still slightly wet.  Spray paint will also work; however, when using spray paint, be sure that the glass jar is placed upside down so that no paint gets inside of the jar!


Easter Bunny Treat Jars 2

You can make these little bunny jars full of chocolate eggs as Easter gifts for the kids,  friends or family members.

For this sweet project you would need a clean glass mason jars, glue, paint (you can use in spray) and a small bunny figure.

First go and paint the bunny figure and the jars cover. When it’s dried, and glue the bunny on jars cover. Afer all is dried, fill your Easter jars with sweets.