DIY Toy Car Race Tracks

A while ago, my son asked me to make him some car race tracks, and I finally got some time to make it for him.

So here is how I made it….

What you gonna need:

  • cardbox
  • glue
  • scissors

You can also use crayons to paint it or even better, you can give it to your son to paint it.

Also you can add some traffic signs or trees (from your son toy boxes).


1.I have used a cardbox from our old swimming pool


2. Cut your cardbox:

1x same dimensions sqare cardboards (you can choose dimensions, bigger or smaller)

and 2x small sqare cardboards. Cut one on the middle and the 2nd stick inside to get X

X glue on the middle of the big sqare cardboards


3.Repeat step 2


4. The X cardboards glue not at the middle like you did for the first layer; now glue it closer to the edge.


5. Now cut a 3rd square smaller for about 4cm on each side.Cut it on the middle like on the image. And glue it on the top.


6. I have also made one small garage at the top.

You can do it by cuting a rectangle and bending two times to get the garage form like on the image.


It’s easy to make it, and you can do it with your son. Let him help you build it.