Diy Easter Table Ideas

Easter is closer and closer, with it comes spring, nice weather, colors, and loads of scents.  I’m sure all that cheer you up and that you are in the mood for decorating your holiday table. So, If you are someone who enjoys making your own Easter décor, I have some great suggestions for you. Your table will be elegant, and yet marry, colorful and most important your kids and guests will be thrilled.

Let’s begin

easter table decorations



Flower Bouquet

For this fabulous décor, you only need some flowers, two vases, one big and one smaller pot, and some marshmallows or jelly beans. If you already have your favorite plants in your garden that’s great, otherwise, you can buy them in the market.

You should fill the small pot with water and place it in the bigger pot. Then in the space between them, you put your marshmallows or jelly beans. At the end, you just put the flowers in the water and the procedure is done.

The beautiful thing about this decoration, except that, is cheap, quick and simple is that also stimulates your creativity. You have many possibilities to play with colors and shapes. If you prefer simplicity you may use the same color of flowers and candies, red tulips for example and red marshmallows. But if you want to be more creative and fun, you can play with mixing paints. That way your Easter table will look more joyful. This is a really great idea if you have small children. Just use your imagination and your table will look beautiful.

We all know that Easter is all about bunnies and eggs, so let’s not ruin the tradition.

So we will make adorable Easter baskets.


easter table ideas



I’m sure that we all have some old baskets or flower pots in our home. If you have planned to throw them away – don’t.  Easter is when you can use them to your advantage.

As I have told you before, everything is about your imagination.

For these decors, you will need pots, green moss or grass, ribbons, and flowers. Beautiful thing is that you can find all of your necessities in your own garden.

If your flowerpot is old and you don’t like the way it looks, you can paint them with spray. It’s also good if you left them that way because it gives them some vintage style.

So, basically, all you need to do is to put moss or fresh grass in the pot and put your egg or maybe some toy (like a bunny or little chicken on top of that).  After that, you can play with ribbons and decorative strips and tied them around the pot or on the hilt of the basket. Simple as  that.

Is there anything sweeter than little Easter baskets filled with a touch of spring?


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